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FAQ Category: Booth Space

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Is Electricity Included?

No. If you need electricity for your exhibit, it is typically an additional $75 fee.

What Comes With My Booth?

Nationwide Expos provides pipe and drape services, and most venues have tables

What Size Booth Do I Need?

A 10×10 booth is typically sufficient for 1-2 person exhibits that are more informational or have a small product inventory. If you have larger products (such as artwork or large displays) or have more than 2 people manning the booth, a 10×20 would be more spacious and inviting. 20×20 and up is typically for large…
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What Size Booths Do You Offer?

We offer booth spaces of 10×10, 10×20, and 20×20. Please contact us at (800) 201-4663 if you need more space.