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Tips For A  Successful Home Show Vendor Experience

Tips For A  Successful Home Show Vendor Experience

At Nationwide Expos, we want to see our exhibitors exceed their goals and achieve a good return on investment, (ROI) at our home shows. We’ve gathered a few helpful tips to make your home show experience both positive and prosperous.

Visual Storytelling:
Craft a visually compelling story for your booth that narrates your brand’s journey, values, and the transformation your product can bring to the homes of your clients. This can be achieved with the addition of before and after images, installation videos, and customer testimonials.

Themed Giveaways:
Offer items that tie into your company’s home improvement theme. This creates a memorable connection to your brand. For example, if you’re a window company, you may want to consider squeegees embossed with your company logo.

Engaging Displays:
Utilize virtual and augmented reality to provide immersive experiences, allowing attendees to visualize how your products will enhance their homes. Consider having a widescreen TV monitor playing videos in your booth.

One-On-One Consultations:
Have sufficient staff members on hand at the show to discuss the benefits of your products and to set-up at-home appointments to close the sale.  You should be booking appointments at the show.  If you simply take the customers information, this is an opportunity, NOT an appointment. It could ultimately affect your ROI, with less potential sales and revenue taken in.

Develop A Follow-up Strategy:
Cultivate a post home expo show strategy to follow up with potential clients attending the home show. Consider following up on the drawing entries, providing  you have a check box to indicate that they have interest.  You can also plug your newly acquired  customer list into an effective drip campaign via Constant Contact, Mailchimp or other email services. At Nationwide Expos, we regularly post show albums on our Facebook and Instagram pages that our vendors can use in their promotions.

Nationwide Expos is the foremost leader in Home Improvement Trade Shows. We sponsor over 70 successful shows annually in Colorado, Utah, Georgia, Iowa, Ohio, Nebraska, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming and more. Interested in exhibiting in our home show expos? Contact us today at 1-800-201-4663 or email us at info@nationwideexpos.com.

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