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Maximize Your Businesses’ Potential Sponsoring A Nationwide Expos Home Show

Maximize Your Businesses’ Potential Sponsoring A Nationwide Expos Home Show

There’s no better way to enhance your company’s potential at a Nationwide Expos home show than becoming a show sponsor. Show sponsorship at a Nationwide Expos show provides your company with added brand exposure in the marketplace along with higher brand visibility. In addition, your business will prominently be featured on the home page of the show you’re sponsoring and linking to your company’s site. Your brand will be highlighted in a press release about the show and prominently featured on social media posts  prior to the show. Higher tier sponsorship packages at Nationwide Expos also  include additional media exposure in print, outdoor billboards, TV and radio. You’ll also be featured in TV and radio spots prior to the show and during the show. What’s more, as a show sponsor you’ll have priority booth placement at the show, not to mention the cost of your booth is also included in your sponsorship price.

“Sponsorship at a Nationwide Expos show is an excellent way to enhance your brand image and amplify your ROI, no matter if you’re a new business or an established company in the community,” commented Jon Lewis, President & CEO Nationwide Expos. 

“With show sponsorship, you’ll be reaching a wider audience and reap the rewards of added media exposure. We work with many of the top advertising companies in the nation, including iHeart Radio, USA Today, Fox News and Meta. This gives your business an added advantage, too. Many sponsors thank us after a show, especially the ones benefiting from our TV exposure and interviews,” added Lewis.

Nationwide Expos offers three tiers of sponsorship packages for our exhibitors: Spotlight, Category and Presenting. Let’s take a few minutes to review each: 

Spotlight Sponsorship:
Spotlight, the starting tier sponsorship package at Nationwide Expos, is the ideal package for exhibitors wanting to try-out sponsoring an expo. In addition to having priority placement at the show for your 10 x 10 booth, your company will be highlighted on the respective home show page along with a back link taking viewers to your site. You’ll also be prominently featured in a Nationwide Expo press release with your brand logo highlighted in the release, as well as spotlighted in social media posts for the show. Personalized creative content for the show weekend on social media is also included.

Category Sponsorship:
Category Sponsorship takes your home expo sponsorship to the next level. It offers all the features of the Spotlight Sponsorship package, including priority placement for your 10 x 10 booth, home page, press release and social media placement of your brand, plus personalized creative content on social media during the show weekend. With the Category Sponsorship package, your brand name  is included in radio advertisement spots and is in featured in signage and billboards promoting the show.  The package also includes exclusive access to having a flyer or bag  handed out to show patrons as they enter the show.

Presenting Sponsorship:
Presenting, the highest tier sponsorship at Nationwide Expos, features priority placement of a larger 10 x 20 booth included in the price of the sponsorship package. In addition to having a larger booth, your Presenting show sponsorship package includes an interview on a local TV news program prior to show, and an onsite radio interview, broadcasted during the show. Plus, your business will be featured in both TV and radio commercial spots about  the show, as well as promotional billboards and signage.  In addition, your business will be spotlighted in an email directed to consumers in your market prior to the show. The Presenting Sponsorship also includes home page, press release and social media placement of your brand, plus personalized creative content on social media posts during the show weekend. You can also have a flyer or bag distributed to show patrons upon entry to the show.

At Nationwide Expos we greatly care about the success of our clients. Please feel free to reach out to your account manager with any questions you may have about the show. They’re seasoned pros and a wealth of knowledge about home shows. 

Nationwide Expos is the leader in Home Improvement Trade Shows. We sponsor over 70 successful shows annually in ColoradoUtahGeorgia, Iowa, Ohio, NebraskaSouth DakotaTexasTennessee, Wyoming and more. Interested in exhibiting at one of our home show expos? Contact us today at 1-800-201-4663 or email us at info@nationwideexpos.com

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