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Lifetime Windows And Siding Partners With The Stout Street Foundation In Their Workplace Development Program

Lifetime Windows And Siding Partners With The Stout Street Foundation In Their Workplace Development Program

In the spirit of the holiday season, Nationwide Expos is spotlighting our sponsor
Lifetime Windows and Siding and their outstanding involvement in the Greater Denver community.

Lifetime Windows and Siding, a local family owned and operated company firmly believes in giving back to the community in the Denver Metro area. Not only does Lifetime Windows and Siding support numerous charities and foundations in the area, including The Food Bank of the Rockies, The Veterans Community Project and Firefly, they are also directly involved in the Stout Street Foundation’s Workforce Development Program.

Stout Street, a recovery and treatment center located in Denver, helps individuals find employment, stay sober, and get their lives back on track. Interestingly, the state of Colorado holds the distinction of being the number one state for teen and adult drug use in the nation. In addition, the highest addiction rates in the state are in the Denver Metro area.

Since 2015 Lifetime has been affiliated with the Stout Street Workforce Development Program. Numerous Stout Street Foundation residents have worked at Lifetime in the past eight years. “Today, there are more than 25 Lifetime employees who got their start at Stout Street,” commented Isaac Schilling, Director of Field Marketing, Lifetime Windows and Siding and an alumnus of the Stout Street program.

“Stout Street is a therapeutic community, run by the residents of the community. Participants in the program do not pay anything to get in or pay anything out of pocket, but what they sign up for is a long-term commitment for a lifestyle change that requires them to take care of themselves and abide by the rules of the community,” noted Schilling.

The Stout Street program is in three stages and takes approximately 24 months to complete. The first phase is the orientation stage. New members help around the house and learn the rules, get mentorship from the older residents and meet with therapists. After the first 30 days, residents are assigned a foundation job or work for an outside contract, like the one we have here at Lifetime, added Schilling. For the next eighteen months, Stout Street Workforce members continue to work and are housed at a local Stout Street housing location, that was converted from a motel.

Afterwards, many Stout Street Workforce participants keep the jobs they first contracted with and move into a half-way house location where they begin to lead a more independent life. They start to pay rent and assume other responsibilities before ultimately moving out of the house and finding their own living quarters.

Schilling himself has been sober for over 4 years and attributes a big part of his success to Stout Street for giving him his life back. “I went to a short-term rehab center, which did not last long and experienced two DUIs. I then went to another rebab in Arizona, where I took retail jobs afterwards and started drinking again. After moving to California, where I continued drinking, I finally decided to contact Stout Street.”

Lifetime Windows and Siding provides an excellent environment for their workers and understands that everyone’s background is not perfect. “Peter Svedin (owner of Lifetime Windows and Siding) is an amazing guy!” commented Schilling. “He is one who believes in everyone’s potential and never gives up on people. He’s always thinking about how he can help everyone around him.”

“When a colleague from Stout Street relapsed, Peter reached out to him and immediately tried to help him. After completing another program at Stout Street, Peter offered him the same position and salary back,” concluded Schilling.

Founded in 2009, Lifetime Windows and Siding is a family owned and operated company, serving homeowners in Colorado and Arizona with their Windows, Siding, Bath, and Roofing projects. At Lifetime Windows and Siding you can select from a rich palette of interior and exterior colors, all adorned with fade and scratch-resistant finishes.

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