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Helpful Tips For Home Show Expo Exhibitors

Helpful Tips For Home Show Expo Exhibitors

Exhibiting at a Nationwide Expos home show can prove to be extremely beneficial to your business, no matter if you’re a local “Mom & Pop” establishment or a multi-unit company with locations throughout the region. A Nationwide Expos home show will give your business widespread exposure and is an excellent platform for meeting new customers,  reestablishing your brand with existing customers, extending your company’s presence in the marketplace  and expanding your customer base.  

Thousands of homeowners in your area will be attending the Nationwide Expos home show you’re exhibiting at. Many of these visitors are coming to the show with intentions of updating their homes, making renovations inside or outside of their homes, as well as discovering the latest home design trends.  You and your sales team will be meeting and talking to your prospective customers throughout the duration of the show, either scheduling appointments or closing sales on the spot. 

There are many things to consider before the show, especially If you’re new to exhibiting at a home show. At Nationwide Expos, we want to make your home show experience  successful and seamless. We’ve gathered a few helpful tips to help you through the process.

Your Booth Appearance
Drawing visitors to your booth is of the utmost importance at a home show. You’ll certainly want to have an attractive, eye-catching booth. Numerous online suppliers and many local printers can produce visual displays for your booth, depending upon your budget. You can also contact a trade-show visual consultant to create a customized booth.  Some exhibitors  use wide screen TV monitors, playing continuous loop videos of their commercials and projects to draw added attention.

You may also want to consider using interactive displays, such as roulette wheels with prizes, a quiz or game on a computer screen to create interest at your booth. Drawings or contests for a prize are a great way to collect contact information for visitors to your booth.

Giveaways are also helpful tools to consider at your Nationwide Expos home show booth. Small items with your company name on it are a great way to promote your brand, as well as create brand awareness to show attendees.  Tape measures, tote bags, pens, notebooks, keychains, cups and mugs, are among the most popular items exhibitors use for giveaways. In addition to printing your company logo on your giveaway item, you may also want to print a QR Code to your company website, if there is enough space.

Company literature in the form of brochures, folders, hand-outs and business cards is also highly recommended and beneficial. Be sure you’ll have sufficient supplies on hand prior to the show,  since you don’t want to run out and be left without any during the show.

Staffing Your Booth
Your Nationwide Expo home show booth should be manned at all times during the show.  We strongly recommend having more than one person on hand, to ensure there’s someone at your booth, should the other go on a break. It’s also a good idea to have staff members thoroughly knowledgeable of your product. Some exhibitors send “rookies” to the show, who have just started with the company. This may not be the best choice, since they may not fully know about your products and services and provide the best answers to frequently asked questions at the show.

Create A Sales/Appointment/Lead Tracking System For The Show
A Nationwide Expos home show provides you with a great opportunity  to obtain leads, set-up appointments and to even close the sale. We strongly recommend you have sufficient lead forms and contracts on hand, as well as calendars for scheduling appointments and installations. Many exhibitors use their phones and tablets to schedule appointments at the shows and synchronize their appointments with their company home offices.  Wi-Fi is available at the shows, so the use of a tablet or laptop may be more advantageous to schedule appointments.

Many exhibitors take physical payments at a show using credit card readers plugged into their phones and services such as Square. Others take payments for their services through PayPal, Venmo and Zelle. If you’re going to take payments at a show, it’s best to be set up prior to the show to ensure there are no glitches in the process.

Following Up After The Show
Contacting customers after the show can prove to be beneficial in many  ways. Consider sending an email thanking visitors for stopping by your booth at the show. You may also want to add an incentive in the email for customers who have not set-up appointments. If you’ve already closed the sale, there’s no better time to offer a referral program to existing customers, awarding them with gift cards for friends and family member they refer to your business.

At Nationwide Expos we greatly care about the success of our clients. Please feel free to reach out to your account manager with any questions you may have about the show. They’re seasoned pros and a wealth of knowledge about home shows.

Nationwide Expos is the leader in Home Improvement Trade Shows. We host over 70 successful shows annually in ColoradoUtahGeorgia, Iowa, Ohio, NebraskaSouth DakotaTexasTennessee, Wyoming and more. Interested in exhibiting at one of our home show expos? Contact us today at 1-800-201-4663 or email us at info@nationwideexpos.com

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