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Get To Know Larry: Account Manager At Nationwide Expos

Get To Know Larry: Account Manager At Nationwide Expos

Meet Larry: He’s an Account Manager at Nationwide Expos and has been with the company for 2 years. Larry was born and raised in Murray, Utah, and has lived a good amount of his life in the Beehive State. He’s also lived in Central Valley, California and Chicago, Illinois. 

Larry and his wife currently reside in Sandy, UT and have nine children between the two of them. I have 5 grown kids and she has four, noted Larry. I’m also a proud new grandpa with 2 little granddaughters and I love that, he added.

Larry attended Brigham Young University and Murray State University. In high school Larry was on the school’s basketball and football teams. He also enjoyed playing racquetball for fun during his youth.

In addition, Larry is fluent in Spanish and self-taught himself at an early age. “I’ve spoken Spanish since I was 10. I became really good friends with a Hispanic kid. I’d go to his house and his parents would tease me in Spanish and laugh at me. And I’m like, what did you say? And they say we’re not going to tell you. It uset me enough that I’m like, fine, I’m going to learn the language. We’re still friends to this day…42 years later and I speak to them in Spanish. They call me Gringo #1,” noted Larry.  

Prior to working at Nationwide Expos, Larry was a District Executive and Field Director for the Boy Scouts of America for close to two decades. I started in Utah and transferred to the Central Valley in California and finished out in St. Charles, Illinois. His job was to oversee the Scouting Program in several counties, recruiting youth and volunteers, starting new Scouting Units in the community and raising money. For 12 of those years he managed other District Executives.

He also worked as a manager in RV recreational vehicle sales. Larry also enjoys doing volunteer service. “At one time , I volunteered for the Shriners Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. They have kids from Mexico that have problems with their limbs. Many are born with bone diseases and other leg problems. I was a recreational therapist for them,” commented Larry.

Larry enjoys traveling for both business and pleasure. “I have been to several shows with Nationwide Expos, but my favorite show to go is the one in St. George, Utah. It is nice, warm and beautiful there,” he commented. “My wife and I enjoy going to national parks. We may fly to a city just to get to know it over a weekend…we’ve kind of perfected the three-day vacation.”

The state of Florida is one of Larry’s favorite travel destinations. “I have fallen in love with Florida I. I really like going there. I really enjoy seeing the Miami and Orlando areas. I got to see Jacksonville a year ago on one of our 3-day vacations. Jacksonville is a really nice place. “I’ve never been there, and I didn’t know that close by is one of the oldest, continuously lived-in cities in America: St. Augustine. It was a pirate hub and is home to a Pirate Museum” added Larry.

He is also fond of touring England and Germany. “I really love London. Three years ago I went to Germany for the first time. That was absolutely fabulous,” he added.

The Utah Jazz and BYU Basketball team are Larry’s top sports teams. He is also a big fan of San Francisco 49ers and Chicago Bears football teams. 

Larry is pleased to be at Nationwide Expos. “It’s a great place to work and I like the people I work with who are both clients and coworkers. I really enjoy helping businesses thrive through our Home Shows. I make sure they are ready and offer ideas for them if they haven’t participated in a home show before. After all, it’s a really good opportunity to meet new clients in person and learn about them,” concluded Larry.

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