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Get To Know Alex: Account Executive at Nationwide Expos

Get To Know Alex: Account Executive at Nationwide Expos

Meet Alex, Account Executive at Nationwide Expos. Alex has been with Nationwide Expos 4 years. Alex was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and has lived his entire life in the Centennial State. He currently resides in Aurora, CO. Alex attended Colorado State University and Aurora Gateway High School.  A natural born athlete, Alex has played baseball throughout his academic career and continues to play baseball now in a men’s league.

“I’ve played baseball since the age of 4 and have played it for about 30 years,” commented Alex.  When not participating in America’s Favorite Pastime, Alex is a fan of the local Colorado Rockies baseball team.  He’s also a big admirer of the Denver Nuggets and the Denver Broncos. Alex notes his Fiancé, who he’s been engaged to since November is a Buffalo Bills fan and he recently started rooting for the Bills, when the Broncos started losing. “The Broncos did not have a good year. It’s kind of hit or miss with them,” he added.

In addition to playing baseball, Alex also likes golf, snowboarding, camping and fishing in his spare time. An avid Classic Rock music fan, Alex especially likes listening to the sounds of Jimmy Buffet and Hall and Oates. Alex also enjoys the company of his 3-year-old dog Duke, a Black Labrador/Pit Bull mix.

Prior to working at Nationwide Expos, Alex worked for ApartmentList and for a water and air purification company in the Denver area. Alex enjoys working at Nationwide Expos. “I love helping companies realize their potential and revenue goals,” commented Alex.

An avid traveler, Alex ranks the Florida Keys, San Diego, CA and Playa del Carmen in Mexico, among his favorite travel destinations. While all three locales offer warmer climate, Alex notes “Travel is good, however, it doesn’t really matter where the location is.”

Regarding what he is currently watching at home on TV, Alex concludes “ I am finally getting through the Office.”

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