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Get To Know Aaron: Senior Account Executive at Nationwide Expos

Get To Know Aaron: Senior Account Executive at Nationwide Expos

Meet Aaron  – Aaron has been with Nationwide Expos over 5 years and he serves as our Senior Account Executive for the East Coast. Aaron was born in Montgomery, Alabama and spent his early life in Phoenix, Arizona, Cleveland, Ohio and New Jersey. “ My father is a hospital administrator, and he was transferred numerous times to different locations across the country,” commented Aaron.

Aaron attended York College in York, Pennsylvania, and was on the school’s rugby team. He fondly remembers the collared striped shirts he wore while playing on the team. “The shirts looked good, very classy,” Aaron added.

Happily married with a wife, two sons and a dog, Aaron currently lives in Twinsburg, Ohio with his family and their 8-year-old dog Buddha Mae, a Red Heeler Labrador. Aaron notes, his two sons: 3-year-old Evander and 10-month-old Jordan are quite a handful. “Jordan used to be pretty chill. Now this little guy is quite a rascal. He doesn’t stop messing with everything. I have a big beard and when I hold him, he grabs my beard and yanks on it,” stated Aaron.

Having traveled numerous times with Nationwide Expos to different home shows across the nation, Aaron acknowledges that Murfreesboro Tennessee Home Expo is one of his favorite spots. “I got to poke around in Nashville for an evening, it was a really cool perk,” commented Aaron.

Aaron also enjoys traveling. “I spent a month traveling around Europe when I was in my early 20s” He lists Germany as his favorite location in Europe. “My cousin was stationed there,  and I got to hang out with him for some time,”  added Aaron.

Prior to working at Nationwide Expos, Aaron had a few out of the ordinary jobs. “I used to be the mascot for a minor league baseball team in Camden, New Jersey. I was a shark named Finley. Children think it’s so funny to kick you when you are a mascot, and the parents were mostly cool with the abuse. A great thing about being a mascot is taking off your mask at the end of your shift.  You get used to seeing the world through a tiny hole in the mouth, when you take it off you can’t believe what a big wide field of vision you have.”

He also worked as a pedi-cab driver in downtown Denver for a few years. “I once carried nine passengers on my little cart designed for two. They didn’t get to the bar quickly that night, but by golly they got there,” noted Aaron.

Aaron lists the Cleveland Guardians baseball team and the San Jose Sharks hockey team as his favorite sports teams. He is also a big fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Cleveland Browns.

In his spare time, Aaron enjoys running. “I ran a marathon last year… and I like to  do anything with getting the kiddos outside, such as kicking the soccer ball around.”

Aaron likes listening to the music of the Beatles, Van Morrison and the Grateful Dead. He is currently reading  The Glory of Their Times,  a book about baseball players at the beginning of the 20th Century. “It’s a very good book. The ballplayers back in the day weren’t looked at as very respectable people.  Some of them have stories where their parents forbade them to play, so they left the house and joined a baseball team. It’s fascinating that the players would just travel across the country with no money and sleep out under the stars on their journey to being pro ballplayers.” commented Aaron.

Aaron enjoys interacting with his many clients at Nationwide Expos and is extremely happy when he provides added value to them. “It makes me feel great when I figure out a way to hook up my customers, usually it’s a chance opportunity to jump on a great booth placement, sometimes it’s a TV interview or something of that nature.  I love to give people something they weren’t expecting,” concluded Aaron.

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