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Game Day Prep: Who Says TV Size Doesn’t Matter?

Game Day Prep: Who Says TV Size Doesn’t Matter?

The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched television events of the year. Last year over 115 million viewers watched the Kansas City Chiefs triumph over the Philadelphia Eagles. This year’s game may even have more viewers as the Chiefs play the San Francisco Forty Niners at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Millions of viewers will be watching the big game this year on newly purchased big screen televisions in their living rooms, dens and entertainment rooms, or at house parties. Interestingly, many Americans purchase big screen TVs ahead of the big game. In fact, the time leading up to the big game is one of the busiest sales periods for big screen TVs, surpassed only by the Black Friday – Christmas period.

Factors To Consider…
Selecting the right size TV for your living room, den or entertainment room is contingent on several factors: your budget, the size of the room where you’re placing it and your viewing distance. Taking into consideration that you can now purchase a 4K 50” TV for around $500 or a 4K 70” TV for under $1,000, your budget may not be a major factor. However, you don’t want to have a widescreen TV that overshadows your entire room, or one that looks dwarfed either.

Viewing Distance
Viewing distance is one major element to consider. Taking into consideration that almost all big screen TVs sold today are either 4K or 8K, we don’t have to worry about sitting too close to the monitor without having to worry about seeing pixels. Both 4K and 8K TVs  offer higher resolution and better detail than older UHD models. Hence you can sit closer to a 4K or 8K TV without seeing any distortion.

There are two formulas to consider in regards to calculating the correct screen size for the best viewing distance. The first is Viewing Distance in Inches Divided by Two:  If you’re sitting 9 feet away from your TV, that would be 108 inches (9×12) divided by two. This equals 54 inches – you would want to consider a 55” TV.  The other is Viewing Distance in Inches Divided by 1.4:  If the distance between where you’re sitting and your TV is 72 inches, you would divide 72 over 1.4. This equals 51.42 – you could consider a 50” or 55” size screen.

Going Up A Size
Depending on your viewing comfort and how many individuals may be watching, you may want to consider going up a size to enhance your viewing experience, especially if you are mounting your TV to the wall. The latter will provide a greater distance too.  Choose a 65” set instead of a 55” one, or an 83” inch size TV instead of a 77” one. The choice is yours.

Consider AI Designer Tools
Still unsure of what size TV to get for your living room, entertainment room or den. Consider a AI interior design tools, such as Instant AI Interior Design and AI Room Planer. Both will give you a better idea of how your new TV will look in your home.

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