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Where can I book for a specific Show?

You can visit our Show Schedule HERE, email us at info@nationwideexpos.com with information on your company and which show(s) you’d be interested in, or call us at 800-201-4663

Is there an annual show schedule?

Yes! Visit https://nationwideexpos.com/all-shows/ to see it!

What is the price for a booth?

Our pricing varies per show, on average our 10×10 Booths start at $800 – $1,200, depending on location, expected traffic, and size of the show For updated pricing, call us at 800-201-4663.

What booth sizes do you offer?

Our booth sizes begin at 10×10, depending on the size of the show, booking a space and how many booths is up to the business itself. Exhibitors occasionally reserve 20×20 or 20×40 spaces, but majority will book a 10×10 or 10×20. We recommend you choose what will represent your business best.

Do you offer discounts?

We often offer Holiday / Seasonal discounts online, and offer multi-show discounts as well. For more information, call 800-201-4663.

Where do you market your shows?

When it comes to Marketing, Nationwide Expos has a team of Marketing specialists that specialize in Advertising, Communications, Web Development, & more. Per Market, Nationwide Expos will collaborate with local media partners to ensure the Home Shows / Expos are advertised. From Local TV, Radio, Newspaper, we are on it! Visit our Sponsorship page to view some of our capabilities and meet our partners. https://nationwideexpos.com/sponsorships/. You can also call the Marketing Team at 303-867-1182

What is your typical demographic for a Home Show?

Our demographic slightly changes per City / State, but is generally very similar.

Demographic: Ages 35 – 60+ (76%+), Home Ownership(80%+ own a home) HHI of $50k – $100k depending on location. For more information, email marketing@nationwideexpos.com or call us at 303-867-1182

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