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Exhibiting At A Home Show? Here Are 9 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Exhibiting At A Home Show? Here Are 9 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

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Exhibiting at a home show is one of the best business decisions you could possibly make for the growth of your company. For any business, no matter the size, displaying a product or service out on an open floor in front of thousands of eager customers is proven to be a phenomenal way of getting their company name out in the market.

Exhibiting at a home show provides an amazingly effective means of spreading brand awareness, getting your product or service out in front of your preferred target audience and helps provide a more personal touch in meeting with current or potential customers.

Whether you are already signed up for or are still deciding if it’s the right move for you and your business – here are our top 9 questions vendors should ask themselves when preparing for a home show.

Why Am I Exhibiting at a Home Show?

Before you even consider exhibiting your business in an expo, figure out what it is your company would like to accomplish by attending. There are several reasons for attending an expo; besides to potentially make more money, it could serve as a launching pad for new products or concepts in your business, a way to build up your brand and distribution, or even just a way to formulate relationships with customers. Whatever your reason may be, it needs to be a clear set motive that aligns with your own business strategy. Doing so will help to avoid overwhelming situations with customers, implement steps in reaching the goal you have set to reach, and overall change the entire result of your show experience.

Am I Organized for the Show?

We can’t stress to you enough, ORGANIZATION IS KEY! Preparing for an expo well in advance can save you both time and money! A little tip for all you last minute people out there, if you sign up early there’s usually a chance for discounted rates that are significantly less than prices charged 60 days within a show, SO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT! Things start to become significantly more difficult if you’re the disorganized person at an expo. Showing up a few hours late, forgetting to contact show management on cancellations, or having all your materials delivered and set up after starting time of the show are just a few great examples of ways to get penalized and incurred additional costs. Your preparation plays a huge part in your company’s success and reputation, so make sure to know the expo’s service rules and have everything ready within a timely manner.

Should I Choose to be a Sponsor?

Now we know what you’re thinking, “sponsorship costs are just way too expensive for my company”. Nationwide Expos has been in the expo business for years now, we know how important money can be with the vendors we work with. That being said, we encourage you to look at sponsorship as a worthy investment for your business rather than just a price tag. Opting as a sponsor presents the best opportunity to inform and educate your target audience. The more marketing for your business, the better! Having your company’s name implemented in expo advertisements and exhibiting at the show is the ultimate one-two punch. It helps maximize your budget by getting your business in front of as many people as possible. The more people that speak about your brand and notice your logo, the more opportunity to reach your preferred audience and build up for your clientele.

See how we showcase our sponsors at thespringshomeshow.com

How Much Space Do I Need?

Choosing the proper size for your company’s booth goes along with what your game plan is for exhibiting at a home show. Having the largest booth size doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best fit to what you’re trying to accomplish. In this situation, size only matters on what kind of material you plan on displaying and your approach strategy. Investing in a simple booth size can be just as effective as buying out the largest space, the way you present your product or service is truly what makes the difference. Conducting meaningful conversations and making connections with the space you have is what helps bring money to the table, not necessarily the complexity of your booth display.

Does It Matter Who My Neighbors Are? 

Who you neighbor with at an expo absolutely matters! If you ever have an issue with another vendor at an expo, just relax and take a moment to reach out to the people managing the show about the situation and consult a solution with them. They’re going to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible, it’s literally their job! They’ll make sure to come up with a solution to ensure that your company is successful in their event. They come up with the best layout possible for foot traffic, so make sure to also work with them on where you’d like to be placed and don’t be afraid to ask them their thoughts on the best spot for your company’s booth. Moreover, they will make sure to avoid placing you next to another business that works in the same category as you to prevent an overly competitive environment. Everyone wants to have an amazing experience at an expo, but the best way to accomplish that is to take the State Farm approach and “be a good neighbor” to the vendors around you! Remember to stick to the golden rule and treat others how you’d like to be treated.

Am I Familiar with the City and Venue? 

When you’re exhibiting at a home show, remember that it’s important to know about the city you’re visiting and plan accordingly. Each city and venue have different rules and regulations to abide by, so make sure your company follows the right procedures to avoid any complications. Moreover, location not only affects your budget, but also how you meet deadlines. Make sure to know the dates and times you need for set up and break down at the expo and give yourself plenty of time to find the venue in order to have everything delivered on time. 

Who Am I Targeting at the Show?

An expo might have thousands of attendees trekking through the aisles, but don’t let that exciting feeling of opportunity distract you from remembering what’s important…you must figure out how to reel them in! Here we go stressing that important game plan again! Figure out the specific type of customer you want to target and what approach you’re going to take to reel them into your booth. Some companies get stuck on the number of people who stop by the booth; however, we recommend focusing on qualified buyers of your goods and services. Are you looking for 1,500 basic leads or 300 well-qualified leads? By qualifying the type of customers you hope to reach, you can plan your presentation more effectively. 

Have I Backed Up My Presence Through Social Media? 

Keeping your customers informed about your company’s activities before, during, and after the expo is crucial! To keep your customers engaged, you can post tweets about why people should come see you at the show, create Facebook posts about what’s going on and where your booth is located at the show, and even post live videos through Instagram; there’s several different ways you could persuade people to come out to see you. Also, broadcasting possible incentives such as prize drawings or gift handouts for stopping by are attention grabbers as well. Other relevant social media efforts can include blogging on your website about the show experience and posting videos of customers visiting your booth on social media. However you choose to reach your audience, make sure that your content is relevant to your business and provides a sense of action to the customer.

What Happens After Exhibiting at a Home Show? 

Planning for exhibiting at a home show takes quite a bit of time and money, so don’t let all your efforts go wayside by not being active after the show is over. In this competitive world, if you don’t respond to leads within two or three days, your competitors will. It’s important to have a sound plan for following up with people immediately after the show is over. If you have an app where you can send out information in real time at the event, all the better. If you wait two or three weeks, then you’ve most likely missed your window for opportunity.

After you have a few expos under your belt, these strategies will become second nature for your company. If it’s your first time attending an expo, just keep these questions and tips in mind and apply it to your company’s game plan. We want you to have the best experience possible while continuing to grow your company in the right direction. Your preparation for an expo will make all the difference in who customers will want to do business with in the end.

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