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Discover The Top Bathroom Design Trends For 2024

Discover The Top Bathroom Design Trends For 2024

Looking to update the appearance of your bathroom? You’re not alone. Bathroom renovations rank high on many homeowner’s “To Do Lists” every spring. Bathrooms, especially master bathrooms provide a personal sanctuary in a home. After all, your bathroom is one of the only places you’re allowed a few or several moments of personal solitude and relaxation, especially if you’re a parent. Whether you’re looking to create a full overhaul of your bathroom from top to bottom or are updating the walls with a new color paint or wallpaper, you may want to first consider some of the top bathroom decorating trends for 2024. You may also want to consider visiting a local home show, where you’ll meet many local and national vendors who can assist you with your bathroom renovation.

Eco Friendly Bathrooms With A High-Tech Edge
Sustainability and technology are two of the top buzzwords for bathroom design this year. Choosing smart water saving fixtures, such as high-tech touchless faucets, intelligent showers and smart toilets not only preserve our valuable water resources, but they also deliver a high-tech edge to your bath. Many bath manufacturers are also featuring product lines made of recycled materials. You can also choose water systems in your home that customize water temperature and flow.

You can also choose to elevate the luxury level of your bathroom with voice activated lighting that can go from dim and soothing, when you’re taking a relaxing bath… to makeup or shaving bright, when you’re getting ready in the morning. Additional voice-controlled temperature and entertainment options can provide added luxury options to your bath. You’ll also find the latest technology trends when you visit a home show near you.

Choose Captivating Colors Schemes With A Whimsical Touch
Many of the top interior design colors for 2024: Peach Fuzz,  Persimmon, Blue Nova, Cracked Pepper, Oakmoss, Utaupeia and Pearly White are certain to make a stylish appearance on the walls and cabinets of your newly renovated bathroom. You can choose to take a more daring approach with a contrasting color scheme of peach and blue or stay in a monochromatic color scheme, using just white or gray shades. A monochromatic color scheme will certainly be  effective if you’re seeking to create a soothing spa-like sanctuary in your bath.

Wallpaper is back in a big way in bathroom decorating this year. No longer limited for use in a living room, foyer  or bedroom, new wallpaper patterns bring intricate design appeal and color to your bathroom.Wallpaper also adds a dash of luxury and personality to your bathroom.

Consider playful patterns and bold colorful prints for your powder room, guest bath or smaller bathroom. Classic geometric patterns and striking prints are perfect to transform the appearance of larger size master baths. There’s no better place to see the latest color trends in person than at a home show near you.

Make A Tile Statement
Tile continues to break out of its purely functional role in bathroom decor this year, taking center stage as an integral design factor that defines the artistic look and feel of the room. From glossy porcelain tile floors and backsplashes that look like expensive marble, to matte wood designs and elaborately patterned print tile, there are many tile options to choose from.  It’s best to select a tile that fits your color scheme. Consider using tile in out-of-the-ordinary spots, such as ceilings or walls to create your own distinctive look. You can also talk to local tile and flooring experts at a local home show near you.

Set The Mood With The Perfect Lighting And Light Fixtures
Nothing sets off a well-accessorized room more than the proper lighting and the perfect light fixtures. From wall sconces and pendant lights to recessed LED ceiling lights, sculptured flush-mount ceiling lights and mini chandeliers, lighting emerges as an important bathroom design trend this year. The perfect light fixtures create the mood and tone of your bathroom. Consider customizable mood lighting in your master bath for soothing tones when taking a bath and more incandescent ones for your daily grooming routines.

Under-cabinet lighting is also a popular design trend this year, creating an inviting atmosphere with a soft gentle glow. It also serves to highlight the floor below and can be the perfect nightlight during the late-night hours, when you don’t want too much light in the room. Before choosing the lighting for your bathroom, consider meeting lighting experts at a local home show near you.

Mixed Metals Are Back And In-Vogue
Mixed metal bath fixtures are making a big comeback this year. Pairing bronze sink and bath  faucets with antique brass mirrors and towel racks adds distinctive visual interest to a room. You can also consider pairing polished and brushed finished pewter hardware in the bath and shower for a unique look. Antique brass and matte finished black metal hardware are also expected to be very popular this year, as is industrial looking metal hardware.

Create A Spa-Worthy Oasis
Transforming your bathtub and shower into a personal spa is another big bathroom design trend. Free-standing bathtubs are making a big comeback this year. A free-standing tub not only serves as a focal point in your bathroom, but they also elevate the entire ambience of the room. Many feature hydrotherapy jets, aromatherapy diffusers and smart temperature controls to create a spa-like feeling and deliver one-stop rejuvenation.

With rain flowing shower heads and pressurized faucets, master bath showers have created a spa-like feeling for many years. However, new state-of-the-art amenities, such as steam showers, infrared saunas and cold plunges are now available and are a popular choice for many of today’s bathroom renovations. You may also want to consider meeting local spa experts at a home show near you to discuss your bathroom renovations.

Store Everything Neatly In Place
Incorporating built-in storage into your bathroom design is another popular design trend. From above-the-floor free-flowing wall cabinets and shelves to built-in bathtub storage, you’ll have plenty of space to store towels, bath products and more. You can also install shelving and storage compartments under the sink or in an open area.

Whether you’re looking to update your master bathroom, guest bath or powder room, you don’t have to look any further than a Nationwide Expos home show for inspiration. You’ll meet many local exhibitors and national vendors, providing helpful solutions for the interior of your bathroom and entire home.

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