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Nationwide Expos has been consistently generating leading-edge home and garden shows in the state of California. Our mid-size home shows, home improvement shows, upgrade trade shows, and home conventions have truly raised the bar on the West Coast; however, through it all, we are still committed to elevating the model of service and expertise that has anchored our decades of experience. For us, that means providing our exhibitors with all the support needed to ensure the seamless execution of their event. As a locally owned small business, we still appreciate a human touch with every occasion, bringing our exhibitors into the process and carefully guiding them through the marketing and direction of their trade show.

This page includes all of our upcoming home and garden shows in California. But be sure to check back later, as it is always growing and changing with new events on the horizon—each of them lasting experiences that we can’t wait to share with our exhibitors and attendees. No matter where we go in the state, we are hands-on with the process, overseeing each step of the way from the marketing to the breakdown of each show. Most importantly of all, it is our pleasure to help the exhibitors at our California home and garden shows realize their goals.

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