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Putting Businesses Face-to-Face With Local Consumers


We’re driven by an enduring commitment to connect businesses with consumers to make them wildly successful with our home and garden shows!


When it comes to influencing a decision, nothing can compete with face-to-face interaction. Meet face-to-face with thousands of motivated buyers at our home and garden shows that are often ready to commit to a deal on the spot


As competition continues to grow, you want to maintain your competitive edge and stand out from your competition. If you’re not at the home and garden trade shows, you can bet your competitors will be!


Not seeing the ROI on your current advertising methods? Exhibiting at a Nationwide Expos event is the most cost effective networking & advertising method available. Save time, money and resources to make your advertising dollars go further


The Nationwide Expos’ marketing team brings your ideal customers right to you. With coverage across TV, Radio, Online, Social Media, Newspapers and more, we target only the most motivated and interested buyers in your area


With over 60 annual home and garden shows across 12 states, Nationwide Expos delivers home expo events in the markets you’re in and where your business needs to expand!

customer service

We understand that customer support, attention to detail and the ROI on your show attendance are paramount. No promoter does a better job than Nationwide Expos when it comes to delivering valuable customer service


Nationwide Expos is now offering fast & affordable web design services to help our exhibitors stay in front of their customers during these difficult times.


For over 30 years, Nationwide Expos has been producing outstanding home and garden shows, home improvement shows, and expos throughout the nation. Our team of experts has established strong foundations in 10 states, applying our diversified skill set and acute attention to detail to ensure our clients’ events are seamless, productive, and memorable—both for consumers and exhibitors. Together, our management and marketing teams offer a one-stop shop for all of your event planning needs, and we are more than prepared to guide each home convention from its inception to its final execution.

Through everything, though, we are a tight-knit, local business, and as such, we value customer service above all else. From the production to the promotion of our home and garden events, we are sure to include our exhibitors with each step of the process—catering our approach to their scale and budget and helping them navigate any challenges that may arise. Most important of all, we possess the blend of expertise, skill, and communication required to successfully execute a mid-size home and garden trade show or expo at the highest possible level. With a network of satisfied exhibitors and attendees spanning the country, we are here to provide you with the service needed to elevate your events and trade shows. Reach out to Nationwide Expos today for a quote on your next home and garden show, or to learn more about our trade show marketing services. LEARN MORE
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